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Hawaii Forest & Trail launches new adventures

Posted in January 2017

HTW-slide13-1040x489Hawaii Forest & Trail offered its first adventure in 1994, building the adventure company’s foundation on knowledgeable and qualified guides who connect guests to Hawai‘i’s mystique.

Now, nearly 25 years later with a menu of over a dozen established tours, Hawaii Forest & Trail announces two new Hawai‘i Island adventure tours: the Maunakea Sunrise Experience and the Volcano Extreme and Waterfall Swim.

The Maunakea Sunrise Experience offers visitors an opportunity to start a day in Hawai‘i like never before – from the top. Casting brilliant shades of red, orange, purple and blue, sunrise on Maunakea is as unique as the sky above and landscape below as the first peak to receive the day’s sunlight.

This unforgettable early morning experience starts while the rest of the island sleeps. It’s a peaceful, serene time and Maunakea’s famous night sky is still alive with the cosmos of stars and planets as the world’s largest collection of research telescopes continue their work of looking into deep space through their open domes. Transport is in top-of-the-line vehicles equipped to handle rugged mountain elements. A brief stop at the Ellison Onizuka Visitors Information Station (VIS) allows guests to acclimate to the altitude and enjoy a warm beverage before heading up to the summit. During the climb in the four-wheel-drive, knowledgeable guides point out key star formations still visible in the night sky and share the cultural and scientific significance of the mountain. At the summit of Maunakea, guests don hooded parkas and venture outside to stand amidst the world’s largest collection of research telescopes and take in the splendor of the sunrise.

After dawn, the group heads back down to the Ellison Onizuka Visitor's center where Hawaii Forest & Trail serves up a light breakfast including fresh island fruit, baked banana bread, croissants, boiled egg, yogurt, granola, 100% Kona coffee, hot cocoa & assorted teas. Then with the full morning light, Hawaii Forest & Trail guides take guests on a short excursion through the Maunakea Silversword enclosure. The Maunakea silversword, a member of the silversword alliance, is a group of endemic Hawaiian plants that scientists believe all evolved from a single plant species that originated in North America several million years ago. The seven-to-eight hour, round trip Maunakea Sunrise Experience is an awe-inspiring tour found only at Hawaii Forest & Trail.

“It’s always exciting to add new adventures to our offerings of small guided tours. Significant planning has gone into the launch of this completely new Maunakea experience. The mountain is home to environmental and cultural landscapes that are unmatched anywhere in the world,” said Rob Pacheco, president and founder of Hawaii Forest & Trail. “Maunakea Sunrise Experience showcases an entirely new aspect of this famous summit and allows us to connect our guests to the unique wonder of this mountain.”

The Volcano Extreme and Waterfall Swim offers two of Hawai‘i Island’s exciting experiences in one, half-day adventure. First up is a 45-minute fly over Kilauea, the world’s most active volcano. It’s doors off a Paradise Helicopter flight so passengers can feel the heat from molten lava. Heading south to one of America’s largest tropical fruit farms, Hawaii Forest & Trail vans transport guests to swim, kayak or paddleboard under a private, 120-foot waterfall. Finally, guests kick back on a private deck and enjoy a deli-style lunch on the three-and-a-half hour tour.

"To have an opportunity to fly doors-off above Kilauea, and then be swimming under a 120-foot private waterfall within the span of a few hours is a very thrilling and unique experience for any adventure seeker,” said Jason Cohn, marketing manager for Hawaii Forest & Trail.

To book Hawaii Forest & Trail’s new Maunakea Sunrise Experience or Volcano Extreme and Waterfall Swim, call 808-331-8505. Log onto or follow Hawaii Forest & Trail on social media to keep up-to-date.

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