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Mayor's Message - December 2013

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MAYOR'S MESSAGE - December 2013


Mayor.Kenoi.tieThe holiday season is here – my favorite time of year! Too often we get caught up in the stresses and challenges of everyday life. The holidays offer an opportunity to gather with family and friends, to enjoy traditions that have been passed from generation to generation, and to reflect on our blessings.

I am thankful for my wife, Takako, and my children, Liam, Justin, and Mahina. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve my community alongside a team of committed leaders. I am thankful for the men and women of our armed forces and our first responders who keep our families safe and our nation free.

While we celebrate all the good things, we must also remember that many of our friends and neighbors right here on Hawai‘i Island are less fortunate. Also, friends in our sister cities in Japan and the Philippines have been affected by recent natural disasters. We have a kuleana, a responsibility, to them as well. Let us keep in mind those in need, and be inspired to serve one another with generous hearts and open hands.

This holiday season is indeed a time to remind us that the values we all share should far outweigh whatever differences there are among us. We are truly blessed to call Hawai‘i Island our home. May the spirit of the season be with you now and throughout the new year.



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