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Fern Gavelek Dives into 50 Years of Chamber History for The Source Magazine

Posted in October 2017

Headshot-FernFern Gavelek, owner of Fern Gavelek Communications, is directing our 50th anniversary commemorative edition of The Source magazine, to be published in January 2018. In her research, she has learned a lot about the Chamber’s history and is looking forward to sharing her findings through articles and images in the 2018 edition of The Source.

Who have you interviewed so far?

For historical insight, I've questioned two Chamber chairs from each of five decades, plus two long-time Chamber administrators—Marnie Herkes and Vivian Landrum. To get input about the Chamber’s future, I contacted current Chair Matthew Grauso and ED Wendy Laros. Historical research included reading old newspaper clippings about the Chamber and going through keepsake files in the Chamber office.  

What is one historical fact about the Chamber that completely surprised you?

In the late 1970’s, the Chamber got involved with fighting local crime. Leading the effort was 1980-81 Chair Allan Pratt.

Did you speak with anyone who had a great story about the Chamber's history? 

There are many great stories. One that stands out for me is how the Chamber pushed for responsible growth in the late ‘90s.  According to Ken Ono, 1997-98 Chamber chair, the consequences of rapid growth, such as heavy pau hana traffic and scheduled rolling blackout power outages, were frustrating residents. How the Chamber worked toward ensuring responsible growth was interesting and exemplary.

Our Chamber members have an exclusive opportunity to place an advertisement in The Source magazine and member directory. The deadline is Friday, October 13th to reserve your ad space. Contact Suzi Patterson at suzi(@) for more information.

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