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Tips for Vendor Success at the Hawai'i Island Living + Design Show

Posted in November 2017

By Suzi Patterson, Communications and Marketing Coordinator


If you attended the Hawai‘i Island Living + Design Show last year, you may remember Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union’s (HCFCU) double booth by the smell of their freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that greeted attendees as they walked through the entrance. We met with HCFCU Corporate Development & Marketing Manager Nellie Medeiros and Marketing Coordinator Kenneth Shaw to ask how they created such a successful display last year and what tips they have for next year’s exhibitors to get the most out of their participation. The Hawai‘i Island Living + Design Show is February 17-18 at the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa. Vendor registration opened November 1.

What is your favorite aspect of the Hawai‘i Island Living + Design Show?

Meeting a lot of new people who are attending the event for a huge range of reasons. We enjoy talking with them to learn why they are there, and being able to help them. There is always a mix of residents and visitors since the event takes place at a hotel. Some attendees are partial residentsand others are potentially thinking about moving here to the Big Island.

Cookies1Tell us about your double booth. What makes it special?

We have a business side and a fun side to our double booth. We set up a tent with our name and brand on it; we actually just refreshed our brand recently. We aim to be here for our community every day and every way -- and what’s more warm and welcoming than fresh baked chocolate chip cookies? They appeal to everyone’s senses and are a lot of fun. Unlike a lot of the other booths that can show off their products, we don’t have a tangible item to display, so the cookies represent that warm and welcoming customer service that we offer. We even bring our branch managers and lending officers to discuss mortgage products with attendees that have questions, or are ready to start the conversation to begin that process.

Do you have any tips for exhibitors to get the most out of their participation?

Having interaction with the event attendees is key. By having an interactive booth and talking to people as they walk by, exhibitors will get the most out of their participation. Mason Termite & Pest Control has a great big tent and displays with the local pests of Hawai‘i like centipedes that are a great conversation starter for anyone walking by. For products that people can’t touch and feel at the event, exhibitors have to demonstrate through engaging activities like a prize wheel. Royal Pools of Hawaii had a great idea to give away beach balls to make their services more tangible for event guests.

Exhibitor registration for the Hawai‘i Island Living + Design Show is open! Sign up on our Hawai‘i Island Living + Design Show web page. Contact for more information on becoming an exhibitor or sponsor. The Hawai‘i Island Living + Design Show is February 17-18 at the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa.

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